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Thursday, March 04, 2010

God : The logical conclusion - (A prayer)

It is said that the existence of a God is a moral one and as a choice to believe in its entity as real or a choice of ethereal existence, this being a choice for the non-believers atheists, in all a choice of faith or not. I have come to the conclusion as a believer of evolution that not only God as described in the Bible exits but there can be no other explanation.

For the revelation that I have perceived in my mind I would have to go way back in terms of evolution and I mean way back to the almost beginning, to us, humans level.

First I will start by defining a God as a singularity of existence, a true awareness of everything and not just this universe. I came to this conclusion after seeing this idea of science fiction that if humans or any being became so advanced that they became energy and learned to manipulate it at will they became gods like creatures, I realize that this is a level of awareness that only will describe an angel and a lower level at that. It was then that I began to realize that what we call God not only has an existence but in the levels of evolution it has to be real, not because of energy but "awareness", thought!. Energy has it limitations, it may be serve as a tool, like the human eye; that as a single eye it creates visibility but it requires 2 eyes to create "depth perception" a total different aspect of physical existence to be analyzed by our brain, not the optical distance like the chameleon does with one of his independent eyes by focus and distance, but a mental 3 dimensional map of the area around the individual like a blind person does with what it hears. Energy may be the tool of a way for us to imaging a higher level of beings or evolutionary higher then us, but is not the answer. I now believe that the concepts of past, present, and future are not very useful to describe or to acknowledge the "reality ?" of a enlightened being because time-line is irrelevant so does a single universe. What I am looking for is a form of self awareness that "is" in all the universes, all the time, at all possible dimensions and then empty space for nothing is something,... Crazy.

It was then I though I was loosing my mind when I did remember the definition of mathematics as used to describe a lower primate ( monkey) that has the ability to add, "capable of using abstract concepts" or symbolic mental concept for reality. I became aware of the oxymoron.

In the example of the science fiction being that evolved to the level of energy transmutation to me there is no single individual in such society and it has to be a society in that state of evolution and I mean a group of beings that evolve to became energy trans-mutators. If we consider the age of this universe, 14 billions years or more, is a linear time enough to evolve a society to became that stage or at least be aware of them self in that time line. As our own evolution has demonstrated we are not the only mentally evolved creatures in this planet capable of awareness at the lowest level. Tool making is not limited to humans, neither feeling, we know that animals do cry and I have see my own cats having dreams when they sleep. But this is personal, the awareness in the universe is a common belief at this time in our society and accepted even by the nonbelievers atheists of a superior existence, an I do us the word existence in the singular term because a true God can only be in a singular being, this I will explain in detail an it has nothing to do with a contest or the battle of the fittest. It has to deal with the necessity of multi-awareness or multi presence as describe in the bible with Jesus Christ and that is were I got the clue.

Which brings us to the group of books commonly referred to as the "Bible". Set aside for a moment the religious feelings or the high priest dogma that as a reader you may or may not have, the book does read as a science fiction tale or fantasy for the common man of 2000 years ago, especially the books that were not included, the book of Enoch and the like. What does strike me as unusual in all the years I have studied these books is the description and the detail of the description and the comments that seem to be a comment of an observed point of view more than say a person in lunacy, spirit flux, drunk or just plain laying ( historian or scribe from the winning side of a war or conflict ). The book does require a bit of Faith.

The comment of "I am the Alpha and the Omega", is not only recognize as a description for the jew God Jehovah but the comment that raises flags in my mind for some time. Not only is it an off comment, but a description of a third person point of view, in order words it will be a comment that a computer will make. I found this peculiar, to say the least, so I try to make sense of it for some time and took it like most thing in the bible, in faith. At one time or another like when Einstein took his famous bicycle ride in the breezy field of wheat to come out with the theory of time being relative. The Alpha and the Omega is my field of wheat. It opened up the door to the universe and universes at all time, all consequences, at all possible dimensions and all empty space. I realize how little I was. To even imagining this, is nothing short of a miracle even for a human, that we take this for granted is a waste and true downfall trade of our so call civilization. The power that comes from imaging this concepts is the same that creates cities, canals, dams, agriculture, science and more important solutions.

The comment "Alpha and the Omega" to me describe a society that changes from individual thinking and becomes one at all planes of existence at all time at all possible universes and empty space.

This altered my idea of reality, kiss good bye black holes. But how is this possible?... Then I remember a comment from a little green alien that said "that is why you fail".

In all the mathematics I have dealt with, I realize that the concept of "believing" has never entered the equation and faith to accept something that is real has never been in a mathematical symbol that I have ever found. It took me a while to realize the limitation of our concepts and the consequences of dealing with such a limited and not so accurate tool in mathematics, language, science, well everything! How can we compare our forms of communication to things like thinking and the idea to transfer to others as if it was on our own brain and in the process becomes real. Consider the same form of existence that although knows about linear time is not affected by it, no time to grow old because its conscious mind, if that is what we can call it,would just transfer to another body or place or simply is in time and space part of everything and nothing, no body just though.

At this point of the written this material I find it to be a group of ideas that although conveying a direction is difficult to find order in the frame of thinking. From this point on I will try to categories the idea and finalize it with a conclusion and the why things as the Bible, Koran, Book of the death and manifestation of awareness exits :

This is a hypothesis to try to explain evolutionary step of higher form of life from the perspective of a human point of view, like an ant describing the human race, but my intention is similar to what an archaeologist tries to make sense of the information it has about human ancestors an comes to the conclusion that the evolution of the brain that we have today is a conclusion of a early primate necessity to walk upright and became bipedal.

To this point I expose my idea as my human perspective of God as I perceive to be, not as a religion, religion is another subject and not a nice one.

The sequence of evolutionary steps to the higher awareness, a rough sketch idea:

From material to energy to space to time to dimension to self-sharing to multi-dimensional to conscious mind to multi- awareness.

Each of these will be explained separately and the difference between them and the sequence, especially the difference between dimension and multi-dimensional and so on.

Material- What we are as humans at this stage and we perceive as real matter is equal to the believe of the flat earth society thinks of the earth. Scientist know for a fact that the universe or what we see and register on instruments constitute no more than 12% of total matter and that the rest is at this point is insensible, which means that at best we are 12% right. Dark matter, Dark energy and so on to blame.

Energy- Anything that surpasses its molecules attraction in the state of speed or temperature at the molecule or sub-molecule in which is not a solid or liquid or gaseous form, plasma being the halve way ground. I am of the believe that energy maintains its stability in a state beyond the so-called universal law of the speed of light and I suspect that Albert Einstein established this as a dimensional marker for the existence of our universe, light being our point of references. To be more exact the distance of an light particle traveling its own diameter will be speed zero"0" and the distance it travels in a second is the light speed or the famous misunderstood barrier. As you can imagine there seems to be a great deal of a gap there. This last being misunderstood due to our concept of Time, as Albert Einstein puts its, "time being relative" then again it is a concept.

Energy is a state in which matter becomes free of the bindings that hold it to our plane of existence, E=MC2. That being said our plane of state could be nothing more equal than the visual spectrum which is a very small segment of the energy spectrum in all. By conclusion we have to believe that there has to be different forms of energy and behaviors of energy that we only manage now to understand or think to understand. We do not even explore the concept of "phase frequency" in which matter has a different resonates at a different frequency than our universe, which leave the door open to literally other universes of existence.

Space- I use this word to describe the distance between sup-particles, not what is outside the confines of the planet Earth. Although not a empty subject, it is easy to ignore. I jet have to see how does matter travel through it or the mechanics of trans-mobilities from one point to another like electron phase in and out of existence as scientist are beginning to see and register. One wonders of beings taking advantage of theses natural universal highways in which travel is nothing but a throughway to be there. Natural universal explorer.

Time- If you ever had a question by a smart and ... well "ass" friend, with multiple answers which none are correct, this will be it. As I said before time is a concept, and as such not exactly something that you can pin down and a matter for another book.

But for now the subject is the present, past and future of the plane of existence of the being or observer, is close enough for now. This will define a crucial moment of evolution, for to be in control of such a power can easily become the barrel of the gun that destroys the owner, going back to its own creation and changing anything that altered it own existence in its own linear time. This I found very peculiar, that every human being that I talked to about it has no problem understanding this concept, very much like a warning sign that everybody understands. I sense that survival is a universal language of sort and the feeling of it is powerful enough to be grasped by anybody.

At this stage of evolution its easy to see a dividing road in which the society advances or perishes to became a non-linear society in which the present, past and future are simply an after thought of travel just like the distance from point A to B in the universe. But this will be a step in the evolution of a society very much like the nuclear problem that plagues our world at the present and one that has more value by abandoning it than to preserving that knowledge. In this point I feel that what we understand as Mother Nature one wonders at the degree of cruelty if you where to believe in Nature as an entity. For that along I do believe in compassion to a degree because like a overprotective parent can help but to shelter the naive child, but I do as a good parent and learn to let go, help in what I can but they must learn on their own and that is the value of a good parent.

To this stage of evolution I have to consider a middle stage angle, with the undertaking of becoming a degree of perhaps an archangel society. A non-linear time travel society.

Dimension- One thing is to be aware of the existence of ourself in our time-line another is to be aware of our self in different dimensions of either parallel universes at different times of existence. The consequences of that can easily lead to wars for control. To this I will consider an external conflict unlike the time stage which I think of as internal conflict. This stage is difficult to pin down and to even imagine and ending to it as a conflict, multi-dimension beings with their almost infinitum, but I think it is a matter of percentage that at one point a number of dimensions are, I use the word "acquired" liberally, the rest will became a domino effect or chain reaction, this I guess is dependence on the winning side and their intensions.

When I use the term "wars for control" I do not mean battlefield although it could, what I mean is actual control in terms of either political, economical, technological or mind or all. When I do mean control, looking for an easy example at our level in evolution the oil companies come to mind. Not control in terms of slavery but more of choices that only benefit the oil company, that type of control. Again its depends on the intentions, if it's as an organism or as freedom to evolve to a higher existence in harmony with the universes. To put it more bluntly, one is a parasite and the other the air we breath, your choice... or not.

Self-sharing - I think of this as a stage of peacefully coexistence were the awareness is a thought process with the transfer of the "organisms to organisms" or "being to being" at different times, space or dimensions, but limited to one at the time, were the thought and experience are shared. As it is difficult to imagine conflict in that type of society but I will not discount the possibility of a dominant entity in search for control or power. This becomes more difficult at this stage because it is non=productive if you are the only consciounce in the universes and easy to ignore and render powerless through isolation. The term "you will only hurt yourself", comes to mind.

Multi-dimensional- This stage is the beginning of being there but not in full awareness of everything, all the answers are there but you still have to do the thing you need to achieve your goals. A physical being at multi-dimensional presence independent of sharing the conscious mind at any time anywhere, yet not a true god because its still a conscious mind, singular.

Conscious mind- Similar to multi-dimensional but in reverse the universe is the sharing and the physical starts to melt in all levels of time and space and the struggle is to maintain awareness. To be but not to fade into oblivion.

Multi- awareness -This is the one shot pony, where the universe is you. Everything from the sub-particles to the greatest expansion in the universes and dimensions are you and I mean your mind is part of the greatest conscious, every filament that vibrates is part of the existence, where the society is no more and melts to one conscious by choice, because it does not see a difference in thinking is a harmony of knowledge that feels the universes an understands the purpose and the consequences of the actions, and if it interferes it is for a common benefit. To resonate in harmony with the universes to be were it is needed as it is required, not as if it is desired. I am not talking of a being of symbiotic assimilation, but a society of beings that resonates in a way of thinking that harmonies with the rest of the universe and each other, they feel the rocks, the planets, the way they interact in gravity, space and time. To not only to feel, but to be the first and the last.

As if you can imagine at this stage there is no room for error. If there is a conflict it simply divides and falls into the other stages of evolution not for power but for the sake of harmony.

What benefit is there to control something that in the process will cease to exist , its not real if it is tampered with or manipulated? A delicate thing like a thought in the process of being real, an idea to become a thought out of necessity of the moment, could easily be destroyed if tampered with.

To realize the feeling of creation for solutions to the questions of every day events in order to achieve a common goal for society. This is one of the feelings that is universal in our species and I believe it to be divine at many levels of existence and perhaps a way to harmonize with the higher entity we suspect is the maker of this universe.

All this is great, but how is it real?

How to proof that the existence of a higher being that has evolved to became one with everything in not only the universe but all possible universes and empty space is real?

Perhaps the answer lies in the question and the fact that although I am writing this on a computer, the technological capacity of artificial intelligence with rocks and electronics. We have evolved to a point that not too long ago our ancestors would consider us aliens in the level of technology, but the spirit of humanity remains with us the good and the bad. This is the force that guide sus in society, a conscious entity that moves our existence through time. You may call it destiny, I call it a logical conclusion.

This is the desire of an old man to leave something of a thought for others to question for the benefit of the society in which we live, to simply remind to all that the intention of our ancestors to put flowers at the hole were there dead bodies remain some 50,000 years ago is part of what separates the animals in our genes from our intellectual common sense. That feeling of our presence when peace is surrounding us and nothing but a second to recover from something that stresses us, when the necessary call for a moment of quite to listen for the answer that we need but we are too overwhelmed by the pressure of society to think. All this is of higher thought and you can feel the purpose as an echo of thinking or the harmony of feelings that create a sensation that although we do not talk about it much this days, is universally accepted in every language and group of people that ever lived or it will ever be considered to be human beings.

I guess this is something to make us all aware that there is something at work in all of us, that if it is not corrupted by anger, lust, power, etc. it has a chance to enlighten all if we stop to listen and make sense of it.

The benefits of a society that believes in a higher being in our history has proven more productive and a benefit, that all the animals like society that ever try to conquer by force, their short lived parasite society achieves no goals but to live for today only at no consequences of tomorrow. If anything is to be learned from our history is that type of society bears no future and no benefit. The evolution of our conscious as a society to go in to higher existence is a responsibility of all, this in term is a harmony of thought, one mind, one idea, a unification of purpose to achieve a goal of peaceful coexistence for the pursue of knowledge. I do not say, lay down your weapons and be like jews during world war 2, but recognize the problem and address the solution for it as a society. Isolateit, study it and find its weakness. Just like an unwanted insect that needs to be exterminated or used in a different task.

It may sound like utopia or a perfect place but to me it describes a lot of work and responsibility from each individual, I guess I do believe in faith or I could say I have the necessity for faith. By doing so I feel the need for a guide into the future of a better life, not for me but for the poor souls that are left in this world to tackle the consequences or the early generations and if they survive I hope to look with compassion at the ignorance of the early generation but learn from the mistakes of the past.

So I hope and plea for a logical conclusion to guide us now for a better solution to the problems of this time in this society for the sake of our descendants which I believe to be blind not by ignorance but by overwhelm responsibility in a world in which they don't want the pressure of the beast of technological chaos and the parasite of political powers, not to mention the global consequences of irresponsible behavior at global scale. I understand the desire to live by the day and to let tomorrow take care of its self, the peace of just do as your told and Fridays is your getaway from the pressures of work. But there is another way. There is hope if you take a moment and look at those that have taken steps in a different direction and their numbers are growing, that proves that there is another way in self dependence and the technological chaos is a beast to be tamed for a productive tomorrow for the sake of the our descendants, our children.

So the logical conclusion is not a fantasy or a choice, it is a necessity, it is a faith for tomorrow for our children, our descendants. The believe in that feeling of hope, like the light that guides us into that lighted place of wisdom is not the wide road that most people travel for convenience, it is more like the difficult road that looks hard and full of sacrifices.

Humans are and will be a step in the evolutionary latter, it is unusual how long we have lasted and are due to be replace by other species and if anything we are becoming aliens in the same mother planet. The abundance of our bodies open the door for virus and bacteria to feast upon just like the black plague did during the Dark Ages and no vaccine or cure will became available to so many so quickly. It is becoming clear that the next stage for humans is in space, which will welcome and challenge us in the game of survival. A hard road to follow.

At the end of it, it is the feeling of good that resonates or echoes the existence of a higher conscious, whether we were created in the image of the creator by direct means, or the feeling of that primal simian whom decided to stand in its own two feet to see better its surrounding environment or just plain old fashion pride, that same feeling that we all get in the morning and feel the desire to be able to stand on our own two feet, there is no mistake that we were created to be what we are today.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Trash or Crap TV

I have an issue for some of the programs on Tv lately, to see a part of program were the female contestant wear bikinis in a pool of dead fish to jump and through in a basket the dead fish for weight out the opponent team is a short ride to the commercials of the young girls in late Tv were they get drunk and do thing that they later regret ( at least in court ). Maybe is me but I do not like the pathetic exploitation of human condition for both male and female that prime television is coming out with, so what should we call it Trash TV or Crap TV or make it a separate category.

Trash or Crap ?

I know that B. Brother is Crap, an trash well that has to be The survival program but I hate to put it in the category of the "Jerry Spring whatever" or some "soup opera" TV program, but on the other hand (literally) is so well with TvMad program on the edge of Crap. Its sad to see all that time go to waste for the sake of ratings.

At no surprise I have great words for station like PBS which they actually debate on sponsor of great programs that fight for airtime on the network, perhaps the other network can lend a hand...hint hint. That is if they are interested on quality TV or is it trash or crap ratings that they are only interested. I have heard of "se la vi" but I thought there was a quality to it that eludes this times a lot, Class.

The Oscar was a surprise in the TV listing this days. It came as a welcome insertion of class and intellect, the joke of the 747 park with the lights on and John T. goes running on stage assuming that the joke was on him. It make me realize that Hollywood is a small town real drama that is share with the rest of the world. I for one fell affected when people that I never met suffer in that town or to see the character from the movie ET grow up and turn into humans before our eyes in other movies. Like the cute blond young girl in one of the episodes of Kung Fu that becomes a woman in the movie Contact, it is not the character on the scene, is the impression of the quality of the actor that stays with us to create a memory that last and help us get out of a reality that sometimes is to hard to beard and only for a moment help us to go to our heroes on the TV to see live in a different prospective. Just enough to make it bearable, just enough to make it through the day on this society.
I try to stay away from trash but for the sake of being social and tolerant I stay next to my wife whom I love but since to be a magnet for this type of programs. I guess is the noise or the fact that is gossip, since the operation on her back is very little that we can do and is one of the few entertainments that is available to her. Things are a little better now and I will be able to search or get any job (If we do not get evicted) without the fear of her getting hurt with all the medication they give her to tolerate the pain from her spinal bone pressing against her nerves.

My family is supporting but there is a limit. It is funny to think of a Television set as part of the cycle of society and a remedy for a boring existence, at least for a moment. I am a regular Joe in this civilization, a person in bad times with extraordinaries talents with no outlet because of economics or what ever circumstances or privileges, the only things I know is my faith to my God, my love, loves ones and dignity. I can only hope and wish for a happy ending just like the heroes on TV.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Universe Expansion ?

I just got a thought looking at the way light expand in a given space, what if the universe is no longer expanding but occupying empty space?

The acceleration momentum or the energy from the big bang has dissipated and Vacuum is the accelerating force were gravity is to weak to take hold. Like a bullet from a gun barrel is to far away to be affected by the vacuum of the barrel as the collapsing gases return to the low pressure bubble of the exploiting powder after it collapsed. An more important it help explain the acceleration of the universe.

The thought is out, let see what the community has to say.


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Ann Smith

A day that will live in infamy or just another girl that hit the streets?

Let's break it down, should we?


1- An 18 year old goes to the store in rural Kansas and now she is dead.

2- Regardless of the struggle in the car where you are bound to find DNA, people in the parking lot, cameras and an open parking lot in the middle of the day, a young lady is dead or should I say someone's daughter was pushed in to her own car and later found killed.

3- Despite the media, no one mentioned that the prime suspect is apparently covered in tattoos on his arm, neck and legs. Blue spots on the photos and video of the suspect that viewed in selected spectrum under photoshop shows 3D tones that are consistent with flesh movement not shadows and they have a consistent shape.

4- The famous pre 911 attitude of people or as I like to call it “buffalo people” in my past post on the blog Is starting to take place. People are not really concerned with the fact that someone who could be their daughter, friend or sister is dead and no one is willing to turn in leads about a scum of the earth who should be easy to find in this country.

a- A pick up truck with big wheels with a unique paint job.

b- A moron who is 6 foot tall, goatee, converse like shoes, possible tattoos with a crew cut for a hair cut. Your average kid in the Arian nation neighborhood or street gang not to mention cult clubs, you do remember Waco, Texas.

Perhaps here are some suggestions to speed things up a bit:

1- More white- Maybe if she was blond and blue or green color eyes will call for more attention. Lord knows if she was Afro-American like the thousands that vanish each year in this country alone and this is the statistic of the federal police.

2 More richer- Like the case of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Perhaps the same people who did her are just moving to Kansas.

3-The police in Kansas are not equipped to deal with the problem and need a professional like a medium or psychic.

To round thing up. What we need is a good old fashion round up or raid for the sake of sending a message.

Anything !!!

On a personal note, I wonder is this is where America is headed or is now?


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boder Problem Solve

This may sound stupid but the more I think about it, it may more sense to me, the problem of illegal emigrant is simple to fix if instead of sending back to the border or country were there came from they can be send to work camps.

This work camps can be easily be distribute along the border of Mexico and Canada to build prisons and workshop. Two good things will come out of it,
1- The border patrol will have a steady stream of local workers for building any prison or local help for all the State for odd jobs that the government requires very cheap,
2- It will take a couple of weeks, but as soon as the aliens figure there are not returning to the border it will probably bring the flow of people to a halt real fast.

I know it sounds like a very drastic idea but you have to admit, it solve a great deal of problems with illegal emigrants and it does encourages a more healthy relation with our neighbor countries, not to mention the more control of drugs follow in to the nation and control over the borders with respect to terrorist.

What do you think?


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am

To the universe:

I am a very strange creature almost a alien in my native world or so we think. I am aware of the fact that I perceive reality for what I see but my brain has evolve enough to understand that is a perception and not necessarily the truth or reality.

I writing this in hope that the generation to take over soon and hope they survive. Find the things that distracted me and learn to recognize then so to bypass the mistakes that cost me a great deal of time and money to overcame. This is not a competition to the Torah or by definition I do not believe myself as a superior being on the contrary I am a stupid human with all the mistake that one can make.

It is when I feel higher in conscious level in my mind that I realize how much I forget about my heart and how insensitive I became to others and love ones. Yet I am fascinated at how common is this for humans in this society this days . So much potential down the drain. Very much like ants.

I found that humans are the best in times of struggle when like in a War when only surviving against a common enemy can the group focus toward a common goal, the sense of unity is lost this days. There was a time that the word American was sufficient to promote a sense of unity. Now days if anything promotes confusion. A great man once said "Separate we fall, unite we conquer" We are like that, there is no sense of good or evil just conquer or perish.

The reality of the universe elude us because of the narrow spectrum of vision that the eye can see and the program that the brain has develop through evolution in other to analyze the image that the brain receive, as any physiologies that study the human behavior will explain that the human is a easy subject to fool through optical illusion. That can easily be verify with magicians that make a living at it.

We lack the ability to self analyze in real time the forces of the physical and natural laws. This is due to the fact that we are not computers, in evolution terms are just a prototype that recently learn to survive differently than our most close animal in genetics. The abstract concept of thinking or make believe that defines humans that allows us to think in terms of mathematics, arts, music and writing of our language. Is also responsible for our fears like, superstition, politics, crime and fanaticism.

The easies way to control a human is through their addiction, help explain the dramatic use of drugs in a stressful society of the so call civilization.

I am a consequence of the environment, the different of me and the next guy is that I do realize it and take responsibility for it as best that I can and this is like dealing with the devil in a society the keeps forcing the self destruction action on the citizens that exploits in a course of total depletion of natural resources.

A great example are the Spanish conquistadors that fail to realize the value of agriculture of the new world and concentrated only in the material values of gold and silver for their personal gain when the benefits of corn, potatoes and by products of agriculture has proven hundreds of times more valuable in the long run.
The narrow vision of their action is the key of determine the animal from the evolve creature. One will be use as cattle, wile the other will survive in the comfort of is labor for futures ends, to think ahead of today and be able to see the future not as a fiction of superhuman power but as a simple thing as reading about our past and determine by simple common sense that if similar things happen the consequence are the same and we can expect similar result, 1+1=2.
It is an abstract concept but one to proof more reliable than the eyes that we see with. This new ability to see with our mind of things to come is still in its infancy. We as a race has fail to develop and educate our young in the civilization. Concepts like 3 dimensional awareness, high mathematics, light and energy. Takes a second place to sports, vanity and glutenous ambition to forget things like spiritual self awareness, humans as a group and patriotic responsibilities.

I on purpose left out religion due to the killing that has produce and wish a more personal decision left to the individual for the sake of believing in a higher entity such as God Jehovah for me. This will be a personal leap of faith toward a higher search for spiritual comfort to get me by the times that I question my very existence if not my sanity in this society.

As a conclusion of this notes I plan to make a set of articles on the theme of inner verse not universe for the sake reaching the human in all of us that is trying to evolve in to awareness and harmonic stability with the environment to which we are responsible for.

We are the keepers of the planet we name Earth.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Black Hilton

Paris Hilton:

Now that it what I call legal black mail for the Hilton Families.

Please, PLEASE do not get me wrong the Prime Donna needs to see what a REAL World is like. A duty that was definitely ignore by both the Father and the Mother, the nanny does not count.

The view in this article is not to crucify the Bitch, an Lord knows is allot of that going on lately but I will like to concentrate in the aspect of under the table money that it is probably working it way right know between the family of the Hilton, which is not a small, and the legal system and subsidiaries like the JUDGE, the clerks, the guard, the roommates, and the more important cast but never mention for the shy services they provide, the one and only Drug Dealers. To which halve if not allot more activities will not be possible in the immediate area of metropolitan Los Angeles if not the lower halve of the State of California with the zero ground of HOLLYWOOD, now that is a desecration if I have ever hear one, wood that is Holy. What a yoke. I have been in the street of the movie land and is nothing but the rival of Madison Square on a hooker night with warmer weather and that is a nice thing to say. I feel sorry for the real decent people of California that try so hard to rise a honest family only to loose it to the glamor or "wannabee" from all corner of this country and pusher of drugs and porno, acting like women in a Friday sale at Walmart, it can only get so cheap and I like Walmart.
One of the most powerful family in the world in reference of prestige and class. Not to mention what is a stake, would you like to go to the Hilton Hotel this days? I mean if you are a Rock star is fine, If you have business and there is money at risk would you like your client to see the mass that the big boss of the company were you are trusting your client is staying, may-bee looking for your benefit or is he stuck on legal battle trying to save her alcoholic daughter from a stupid ticket that she should have known to get out her self by just say no to drugs.
It is allot to swallow but the answer is no. How much money is passing by hands right now just on the little daughters winds of desire in other to make a legal case were the average Jane will be thrown in jail with a promise of the judge will see you next... Month if you behave. If you have any doubt in the subject, feel free to walk the street of Hollywood and ask the ladies or should I say the baby's of the night for legal advice in reference of the facilities of the local jail house and the protocol of how to behave in the presence of the real Holly judge. They are a source wonder of our legal system in action, especially in the difference from a "normal" case and the "High Profile" were the careers are makers or breakers and as the case of the Hilton a money makers for everybody except the Hilton, I feel sorry for the parents of the primadonna but the rule applies, the shorter the stick the rotten the child. I do not like violence in the children but there are ways to bring a child with love and discipline, but there time that the rule must be apply for the benefit of the child. This those not mean violence, if you do please check with your local shrink because you need help. Paris Hilton is a child whom need drug attention, and I am sorry to tell the Hilton family your child is gone.

It is a sorry day for people that it come to this but the people of this country has spoken and Paris have to pay for her action, you can only hope she learns.


P.S. What is what the lawyer call Paris Hilton?

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